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International: Putin’s concerns worsen, the long-term operational cost

Putin has dodged the economic constraints placed on Russia from the West, but only if he can continue to dodge more pressing internal problems. The internal problems grow with each day, and even his new found friends must be concerned.
Putin has dodged the economic constraints placed on Russia from the West, but only if he can continue to dodge more pressing internal problems. The internal problems grow with each day, and even his new found friends must be concerned.

The Ukraine government has become violent, the separatist now called terrorist, allow a reason for the government to act with force as justified. Putin warned against these actions and now has to show what he is willing to do, how far he will take this matter and in what direction has not been completely seen. New connections have already become established in the East, indicating Putin means to think in the long-term sense. Yet this relationship also has conflicts poised to effect his abilities, and may draw Russia into more serious problems and isolation. It takes more than a will to build an empire; it takes a stance on social activities which represent the highest levels of expertise. If Putin wants to rebuild, he first has to understand he will lose and make use of this to learn from it.
Recent violence in the Ukraine started some time ago, but has now gone all out it would seem. The separatist are looking for support, Russia made threats in this regard but has to also consider what the EU and allies will do. The Ukrainian government is not waiting it wants the matter settled now, thus the violence is increasing as they move to take back major centers. Controlling this matter is anyone’s game for the moment, but over the long term it will show who is able and who is not. Warning against such Putin put his forces on the ready already, but taking the next step requires more serious thinking for all sides.
A foreseeable future where neither the EU nor Russia can achieve anything major with the Ukraine may happen, yet cutting up the Ukraine by outside forces is not acceptable either. Outside desires have acted to do this around the world, to relive their direct tensions but not the internal tensions which still exist. If Russia enters, the EU will have to take action in its own regard, both sides to play as the major supporters to influence internal politics. And it is this the Ukrainians will have to live with; unless they decided themselves to take actions, thus leaving outside forces out of internal politics. Putin is preparing already for a long and determined stance on his agenda, but with this comes the need to meet new responsibilities which he has shown little capability to do so far.
Remember the recent Olympics held in Russia, or do you even know about the hospital facilities being built? Putin wants to show the world that Russia can build, yet with each project there are cost overruns, large amounts of waste and environmental damage which can not be covered. Any dealings intended for China, must also be considered with this information available, infrastructure to support natural gas supplies will need major construction. But time constraints and overcharges are indications of corruption, which China is currently seeking to avoid. Building a strong relationship then, both nations must also consider the effect of this relationship on their internal needs and desires. To China officials this also means avoiding the charges which are already rooting out so many, thus overcharges and constraints are in their interest to prevent.
To further complicate problems, the separatist refused to accept Putin’s call to hold off the vote on separation, indicating Russia was not totally in control of them. Now with further violence, the separatist are preparing to hold out and wait for Russia to move in support of the eastern regions. But if what they called for first was only weapons, and now they have to call for more, the separatist will be taking orders instead. Putin can not afford to have a long-term battle or conflict, but he also does not want a neighbor whose internal policies show up his own government. Wanting to reestablish the Russian empire may be the thought, but it takes a willingness to stand for what is best not just what one man desires.
Every social “machine” is designed by the interplay of actions which have resulted in society creating that machine, this designed through trail and error creating learning. We must then accept we will fail at times to state we have learned as well, and still be willing to apply this learning the next time we act. The problem is learning is a humbling effect, and Putin has not shown in his past that he gets humbled easily. Instead he gets mad and reacts with more force, in politics it results in many people getting hurt and fast. If Putin truly wants a long-term plan, he must understand there has to be a learning process with those plans.
First will come the loss so we learn, taking this learning into account before we take our next action, thus limiting further losses. The problem comes when the results are always the same; no learning has occurred to offer less inefficiency or lessens the dangers to everyone. As violence increases in the Ukraine, it will also become prevalent the end will only be achieved by cooperation either by external forces or internal desires. Internal desires will be to end further endangerment to the public, and allow social order to exist or destroy the Ukrainian society altogether. But if Putin wants and controls those internal politics, he is not likely to pay for the end results, only the Ukrainians will.

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