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International peak oil conference in Denver - October 2009


The 5th Annual Conference by ASPO held in Denver, Colorado

There were many topics being addressed at this week’s ASPO 2009 International Peak Oil Conference held in Denver, Colorado October 11, 2009 through October 13, 2009. ASPO stands for the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas and its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado.

A year ago this conference was held September 21, 2008 through September 23, 2008 in Sacramento, California when oil prices were on the decline but higher than what we are seeing just one year later. This time last year the country had a financial crisis on its hands with oil prices around $100 per bbl and the governments around the globe addressing how to handle the failure of so many financial institutions. A year later, we are seeing around $75 per bbl oil prices and an increasing demand for oil over recent months. Although agendas were similar in many ways (this year compared to last year), the peak oil conference this year had some topics reflecting some of the changes seen over the past year. Included in those varying topics were peak oil and the recession, as well as the offshore Greater Compos Basin discovery in Brazil.

The ASPO has a very comprehensive web site and has been meeting annually over the past five years covering various aspects of peak oil. Check out their web site around this time next year if the discussion and prospect of attending the annual conference peaks your interest.