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International Opinion Review, Monday Sept 17, 2012: Middle East Turmoil

International Opinion Review:

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Sept 17, 2012

Canada: The National Post

Tom Blackwell

Events over the last few days raise the question: Has the president’s charm offensive with Arab and other Islamic nations proved largely futile, or even backfired? The National Post

France: Rue 89

Republicans could not ask for better. Imagine. The ones who, for months, have tried to pass off Obama as unable to lead the first military power in the world, who they see as, O supreme insult, Jimmy Carter in power--are served. Rue 89

Afghanistan: Afghanistan Times

The murder in Benghazi, Libya, by no count is fair. The entire world irrespective of religious affiliations condemns it; however playing with the religious sensitivities has triggered its backfires once again. And this ridiculous mockery under the right of so-called free speech should be stopped. Afghanistan Times

Phillipines: The Daily Tribune

Rice’s comments are the strongest indication yet that — even if the United States does believe the assault was the work of a small band of extremists — it has no evidence to suggest planning prior to the protests. Daily Tribune

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