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International Opinion Review, Mon. Sept 10 2012 Conventions

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Monday Sept 10, 2010

Canada: The Globe and Mail

Jeffrey Simpson

The flight from reality of so many Americans into the nether worlds of ideology is discouraging when it’s not frightening.

Last week, we witnessed the blending of libertarian economics with social conservatism that is the contemporary Republican Party. This week, the restless coalition that is the Democratic Party has been on display. Globe and Mail

Ireland: The Irish Examiner

President Obama, in his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President, made reference to restoring ‘the values that built the largest middle class and the strongest economy the world has ever known’. Examiner

Korea: The Dong-A Ilbo

In the U.S., a candidate who ignores beer and sports, two things heavily favored by white men, is traditionally expected to never win a presidential election. Ilbo

Saudi Arabia: Al-Hayat

“Clinton’s Style” and “Obama’s Failure” and the Middle Class

Jameel Theyabi

In Charlotte, the Democrats delivered long speeches and tried not to make any promises, just like the Republicans spoke on the other end, and the competition will remain heated until November. Al-Hayat

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