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International Opinion Review, Friday Sept 28, 2012: Romney, Obama, Libya

International Opinion Review:

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Sept 28, 2012

Russia: Russia Beyond the Headlines

Fyodor Lukyanov

Self-righteousness that has always been America’s strength: unlike Europe, America is not given to self-doubt and soul-searching. Yet this may be a weakness that entails setbacks and failures, as well. The American conviction that universal principles supersede national differences and bring success when supported, first, provokes growing resentment in many parts of the world with its sheer aggressiveness and, second, is often counter-productive. Russia

Taiwan: The China Post

For a candidate who from the very beginning fought the perception that he had everything fed to him with a golden spoon from a silver platter, as well as the perception that he doesn't understand average folk, it seems that the recent video controversy couldn't have jeopardized Romney's bid for president more. The China Post

India: The Hindu

Suhasini Haidar

That the U.S. cooperated with Belhadj and others like him to oust Qadhafi speaks volumes either of its broad-mindedness or its naiveté. Even as the British, French and U.S. intelligence services armed the rebels, they turned a blind eye to the troubling ideological differences they had with the forces fighting Qadhafi — from links with al-Qaeda in the Maghrib, to avowals of the harsh Sharia law they planned to implement in Libya, to the human rights violations by TNC units. Of equal concern should have been the domination of different parts of post-Qadhafi Libya by lawless militias answerable to none. The Hindu

Phillipines: The Manila

Rene Q. Bas

...Mr. Obama’s goal is to shrink American power and resign as the leader of the world. His goal is to make America only one of the many powers that make up the multi-polar New World. The Manila

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