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International Opinion Review, Friday Oct 12, 2010: Eygpt, Drones

International Opinion Review:

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Friday Oct 12, 2012

Canada: Globe and Mail

How important is the debate likely to prove in the next week? Well, it will help to lift the Democrats’ morale, but not by much. The problem for them is that the debate itself was both confusing and slightly dull. To judge from a very small straw poll that I conducted personally, some people simply stopped watching it and either went to bed or turned to a livelier channel. Last week’s presidential debate was riveting theatre; this was definitely the out-of-town try-out of Hello Dolly. Globe and Mail

Lebanon: The Daily Star

Americans may be adopting more nuanced and realistic views toward people and events in the Middle East, based on events on the ground and actual national self-interest – rather than the combination of ideological manipulation, widespread ignorance, lingering anger, and presumptuous paternalism and militarism that drove so many American attitudes to the Middle East in past decades. Daily Star

Pakistan: The News

…it is important that the use of drone strikes be rethought, keeping in mind rising sentiments and new evidence regarding their utility, so that a reasonable policy can be devised. The News

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