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International: Nigerian children, opening doors in all nations

The kidnapping of school girls has brought out a great deal of attention to the action in Nigeria, reminding us it takes two to fight. In this neither side is better, but the children are our concern, for our futures lie with them or not at all.
The kidnapping of school girls has brought out a great deal of attention to the action in Nigeria, reminding us it takes two to fight. In this neither side is better, but the children are our concern, for our futures lie with them or not at all.

The Islamist terrorist have continued to attack, taking more children with each attack, and the Nigerian problems grows. The public must not just be concerned with the terrorist, there are others in this as well and their desires are a dangerous. Understanding the past relationships these groups have had, only brings out their needs to obtain violence, not the desire for intelligence. But others are using intelligence in their struggles, those who are superior can be seen as those willing to live and exist under law, not through violence. The global corruption is still forcing others to deal with it as it attempts to grow further only because so many are willing to support it. Getting the children back is only the start, preventing further such actions of violence takes honor which neither side seems to possess.
The crimes being enacted in Nigeria have been going on for years, but with the aid of international social networks the word is spreading. People are getting interested to take actions, yet this too has brought out criticism, remembering the empire building aspect foreign nations feel the need for. But are we out of this fight…or did Shell’s desires to control Nigerian politics instigating force behind actions taken? As corrupt as the relationship is between Shell and Nigerian governmental offices it will never truly be known, but violence has been used before in this relationship. The claim of oil based economics killing the total economy is not off; instead such economics will drop the entire country negatively over the next few years.
In the mean time, those outside forces wanting more control are still watching for a way in, and as per President Obama’s statement, they are well aware of the internal situations. Yet their concerns are related only to the same who fund political projects, the same who have allowed, even created, these events to offer more access. Noticing these events ahead of time offered no response by authorities, the creditability they have in the eyes of the public is almost gone. Few political opportunities are here is to gain a resolve in making major changes, getting the corruption out of government and dealing with the peoples' needs not the corporations’ desires is the only real way. The past relationships involved can be easily seen, as one violent group creates more violence to keep the cycle going, while corporate responsibilities are not even discussed.
BP and Shell have been involved directly in Nigeria since the late 1950’s, and now Shell has ties to almost every political office, their desires get the highest priorities. So it was only natural for them to be concerned about a group wanting to remove the Western cultural influences, replacing it with a Middle Eastern culture. As in other parts of this culture removed most corporations from direct access to oil reserves, Shell would not allow to spread. Keeping a foreign political structure under control is easy, if you are not afraid of a little blood-shed being played out in that nation. But corruption does not stop at any national borders, corruption is being played around the world, and others are fighting it without the need for violence.
Khatoon Shaikh was no better off than others, but she has become a force for others as she served to engage for them, rights under law. Yet she fights within a system corrupted just as in other parts of the world, indicating excuses for accepting corruption or violence only shows a personal lack of faith. To build a future society, or introduce a culture to a changing world, one must have creditability in the offer to others. And it is with others all societies and cultures are built upon; individuals can not build these things alone, nor move towards such without others. Violence against the innocent, especially children can not be tolerated in any form.
A society is built upon children accepting it as they grow, thus becoming part of and continuing that society’s concepts into the future. But if we come to believe what we have been taught is wrong, we then must choose as well, whether to continue or stop these actions forever. Forcing another to believe as you do only proves your belief is not real; it is only created by the violence in your nature and not the nature of the world. Politics is a personal desire directed upon the social structures we have in place, but like all personal desires it must be tamed and controlled by the same person. Those unable to do this remove from themselves, the intelligent and conscious minds they need to develop into maturing adults.
Maturing as individuals, each generation has developed the social orders we have today, placing stress upon the others by the interplay of competition. But violence is the weakest interplay, nor does it remove the political opposition, it only silences the voices for a time. The future of all societies is dependant on the willingness to direct open information and conduct towards the goal of completing social maturity. In Nigeria, as in many parts of the world, it has stalled by the lack of honor and creditability shown by those involved, indicating they fail to understand and take responsibility for their own actions. It is in understand we learn and move forward, if we build upon violence or corruption, we only fall back to the nature of animals. This matter is not just for one nation to handle but for all societies to understand and accept.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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