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International: My child or yours, should it matter?

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The US has gun men walking in to kill children for no reason other than madness, but in Nigeria they were kidnapped. The Boko Haram have gained a reputation, the world is watching as the Nigerian government sits and ponders. But it is not just one nation under siege, the extremist have started to target the younger generations across the world. The results giving them more attention to causes of military extremism but fewer results to show a peaceful resolve exist among them. Centralized control in such extremist exist in one form or another, but one using them to convene the idea of violence to be successful. The need for global education is more stressed today than ever, for it has shown the extremist lacking and their bigotry clearly.
The world has seen the rise of violence against children who only crime is the willingness to learn. Wanting to help others requires we also know what is helpful and how this help can be accessed. The global extremist having decided otherwise, want to keep people separated into little groups for easier control. This allows them to maintain the level of violence they have decided to created upon others, violence is not order nor is it the path of those seeking the One Living God. The only reputation these same are gaining is that the world will come to notice them and single them out for the violence they have created.
The problem also relates to how governments can not patrol nor correct such actions within their borders. Far too long have governments risked for those in power the forces needed to protect, but the individual citizens need protections as well. The world’s governments not developing infrastructure to protect the majority, are now seeing how the majority is threatened. Standing watch over this, they also must allow the majority to protect itself, even allow if self-defense means causes concerns. The younger generations hold the key to the future, and those nations which are able to have new generations will inherit the future.
The extremist have made it clear the only nations they will allow to have a new generation, are those nations under their control. Even then they do not want education to the masses, as the competition per individual is something the extremist can not tolerate. Their social understandings exist only for the single moment in time they possess the means to kill, before and after they have understanding of society. Violence is all they know, it is the only way they can relate to the world around them, reasoning is lacking then in this global movement replace only by arrogance. “The best tool to fight extremism is education, especially of girls — and that means ensuring that it is safe to study. The greatest threat to militancy in the long run comes not from drones but from girls with schoolbooks.”
Malala Yousafzai spoke already for the world’s children in demand for education, and the world’s governments only stared, they did not take it in. The results have been played out around the globe as more children are married in Iran, raped in India, and killed in Africa. The child labor enslavement still continues in Bangladesh, Corte D’ Ivory, as are those Syrian refugees left to beg for food. The world governments having looked on to other matters do not consider the future, only the needs of those already in power. The centralized control of both the extremist and the governments are only increasing the violence without offering the public protections.
Public campaigns have been offered as: on, on Facebook, On the Ground, Google+, and Twitter. These helped drastically when Egypt needed them, and in many other matters later, may be the only answer. Those wanting to help then offering to aid those who need it, a basic and realistic economic exchange but with one deciding factor – the politics are left out. It does not matter if the children are Muslim or Christian, even if they are boy or girl, what concerns the world is they are children in need. The global powers have failed to protect the most innocent; the same only wanting to help others now need help themselves.
Global education system are more needed today than every, if each of us is to keep in step with the other we must as well keep up with the needs presented by education. This lack around the world offers to destabilize the nations and global trade more than any other means the extremist have used. Not to benefit them or others, only to destroy the world and reshape it as the personal wills behind the guns want it to be. A world shaped by ignorance and violence is not a civilized society, nor one based on any Living God, that is the world created out of the diseased minds.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance: