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International: Israel sends in troops, misrepresented or not

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We watch the news, seeing events occur in areas most do not know enough about, left to think only how could such happen. But we already know how, for when we were not looking those seeking to gain have taken actions behind our backs and continued only in the direction of violence. Regardless of the side you choose, both have built upon the concept that to fight is with violence to end what happens, they only need to have something stat it. Then comes the other point, how in a world where we live as civilized people with law and order, can this happen so many times? The truth is we do not live in such a world, instead we live in a world were only a few get to enforce their will upon others. This all considered by the amount monetary funding they have at their disposals, funds which should be used for better purposes and rarely are.
First we must understand, Israel was attacked and must defend those in its care, regardless of who they are or their nationality. Every government was created to establish order and keep such within the political boundaries which are set up. But the Palestinian recognized government has not stopped the Hamas terrorist, and even if they say they represent the people, Hamas does not. They have used the public to hide and serve their purposes, the very idea of dividing the Palestinians has allowed them to gain control over one area. And a division as such must end so one central government can consolidate authority with a single set of standards to follow. The Palestinians can then become accepted as a single culture with political recognition, this to create any future at all.
Those behind the scenes having their own desires have been manipulating these matters to assure they gain from the actions. It occurs by the constant in funding stream which they use to present their will as the only path, a path distorted to fit their needs. Even with Egypt calling out the Hamas leadership, the funds and support are still coming, this time by way of the UN it would seem. The UN already states war criminals have taken over the International Courts meant to stop them, and now the UN schools are being used as weapons storage positions, using children as shields to protect the terrorist weapons by UN authority. If the UN is in charge of these schools, it seems to have taken a side with those committing crimes, and if not it has no control over what funds it controls are used for.
But let’s not forget, Israel has also invested in weapons and its hands are not totally clean, what started this is the violence perpetrated upon teenagers. Both sides are accountable to this, yet Israel does tend to act as humanly possible, giving warnings hours in advance, and accepting cease-fires if possible. Hamas does not want the same, for with the violence and death they gain recruits and the world sends new funds and support they divert to further violence. There again the PA and the UN are failing to assure these funds are going to legally authorized use. Now the funds want to blame the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), knowing they have to gain public interest onto someone else, otherwise the public will start to consider things itself.
And keeping the public distracted with ‘smoke and mirrors’ is an old trick, one used again and again to make people comfortable with their deceptive world. We know we can take territory anywhere in the world, but control relies on means to take over the minds of those who live and have regards to this region. This is why the few wanting to control all, must reach into the minds of others, to project the world as being a safe haven distracting and keeping the multitude unaware. But the Jewish tradition has been developed around staying aware of things, keeping their sense of what is going on and learning the best means to use this information without causing harm. Those who live in the ‘safe havens’ do not have the same stress levels as others, their opinions are only effected by the social and media information systems which are directed by these same few who want to distract all. Previous changes seen in these social media have caused ripples which are affecting the larger funds controlling information systems, thus the NSA’s massive desires to control and read e-mails.
Money is an excuse for acting this way, nor is creating an excuse just to misbehave, profiting while others are harmed is not economically sound. Economics relies on a large and every changing population to offer support to all, removing even one individual weakens this; a risk comes as we move forward. In the future, if this was the one we needed most, we now have lost this one and the support which would have carried us through. Money coming from current infrastructure does not want new infrastructure to be created, as it offers competition to the current. And more efficient competition removes the current infrastructures, thus those currently gaining are lost as their debts collect around them and come back upon them. They willing attack any who offer more efficiencies, keeping weaker infrastructures going to assure their own support and not allowing diversity in support to others.
The real secret about monetary funds is it only communicates, it does not offer any real advantage to others, in fact it holds back more than it allows you to move. Those hoping to gain by using such are only able to do so if they have a large enough grouping of individuals supporting them, thus Hamas survives only by those who support it. Where as Israel and even the Palestinians survive as they work to build a future, supporting themselves and not looking to serve the needs of others. This is called freedom, and is what the Palestinians have been fighting for all along, why would they give it up for the slavery by a few? Because they have been deceived by the same who want to control others through the use of violence, and only allow more violence to be created. Removing this ‘soft-ware virus’ from their minds is the only way to end the violence, as they walk towards diversity and away from violence.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance: