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International: Iraq-IRIS; Israel-Palestinians realize our conflicts spread

We have seen the news and heard the politics, but reality is biting hard for those in the Middle East. Old enemies learning trust and failure, go hand-in-hand with the economics structure created.

Influence towards Iraq to remove IRIS will take considerable effort, more time then even that to see any gain in measurable results. But if you were thinking what happens so far away is not your business, than you have forgotten fundamental economic basics. We have a long history of Globalization, yet there are more involved with such today than ever before. It is because the majority has become involved matters become concerning, and reflect more on our daily lives. No longer is it just what you see happening that effects you, but as well what happens beyond your senses which can erupt into your life with easy. The lesson we need to take away from this is: we are no longer able to rely upon national borders to offer stable economic conditions or civilization continuing.
Cut off from most of the world’s economic activity Iran is in this too, already seeing tightened controls in arms seizures it has to assume the conflicts are coming its way. Both civilian population and governmental agencies must consider increases in arms leading to increased violence. We saw the same begin on our borders, and now has lead to a large upsurge in violence and illegal activities. But it does not stop there, for groups will form, determined to show the causes to be those seen as lesser than themselves. But the real true is with each action the entire world has taken, we have been moving towards one goal, one most have never taken the time to understand.
The events we once did not know about have become more important each day, as we see both ourselves involved and our actions directed by others. Hamas openly attacks Israel, both having built up arms for years waiting to use them, are now getting the opportunity to do so. The ceasefire rejected the attacks continue, even as Syria and Iraq are still under fire and Egypt is in turmoil, leaves no end in sight. The US borders are once more being overwhelmed with those seeking to get away from the fighting, but where on this planet can you go to get away anymore? We have touched every part of the world, moving to centralize power we have directed all means to do the same, there is no place to run away anymore.
International leaderships has to keep civilians out of the danger zones, but they do not have to keep supplying weapons to support what is going on. The only reason they do exists as ideology support in the minds of the people who gave them authority, just as it exist in the minds of those supporting Hamas and others like them. Infrastructure built only on violence and death, results in dependency on violence and death as the only means to support your life. Looking at the lifestyle of the Hamas leadership, we can see how well supported they are, with no intentions to reduce this support. The majority supporting such should consider well, and reflect upon what they are offering being used for the daily lives of the entire population, not a few.
Any majority offering funds support the ideology by financial support, thus has infrastructure developed only to continue this ideology by political belief. But if even Iran can see violence is not an Islamic viewpoint, than those in support of violence as the only answer must also see something. We can build whatever we want, but if we build to only destroy than what will be left but a burnt out cinder floating around a sun? There is no reasoning with those who continue to support what they speak out against, there words and actions hold no creditability. And trusting others is one of the foundations in all economics transactions, without it we risk destroying economics totally and even all civilization.
As our economic transactions move beyond our direct interactions, we cause more to happen than we are directly sensing. The need to provide open communications in a timely manner becomes more important as we look at these events occurring to show individuals must expand their reach. No longer can we consider just ourselves, nor what the short-term offers, but we must look to the long-term events and plan with this in mind. Controls over our lives can not be handled out for convince; our live and time are resources which can not be replaced, but not the only ones. Convinces may make our live seem easier, but they also determine a responsibility to those using them, which most do not consider exist.
The world must take in the lessons we are seeing, our national borders mean little except to hold back political authority from getting out of hand. But the economic results which we once started continue, passing beyond these borders to affect more, and we must be assured those actions are the ones we want. Directing any authority or power which individuals have, must be done with the responsibility to assure the authority is used properly. We are held responsible for all our actions, even those we do not see ourselves performing, and they will all come back upon us. The faster we allow exchanges to occur, the less time we have to assure ourselves we can gain from those results. The world moving for faster transactions in economics, relates to less time before those results come back upon us all.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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