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International Goof Off Day: Waste time online with 20 online time wasters

When it comes to wacky holidays, March 22 is one of the best days of the entire year. It's International Goof Off Day, also referred to as Goof Off Day and/or National Goof Off Day, an annual "holiday" that celebrates, well, goofing off.

International Goof Off Day:   Waste Time Online with 20 Free Online Time Wasters
Steve Woods

Goof Off

Just think of the endless possibilities - no school, no job, no housework chores for an entire day! Yessir - it's time to hit the snooze and stay in bed all day long! Imagine curling up on the couch and watching a few of your favorite flicks with a few tasty treats and refreshing beverages. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, how about an all-day shopping spree with a few BFFs or a road trip to one of your all-time favorite places?

Today is the perfect day to kick up the ole' feet, sit back and relax. Just in case none of those scenarios tripped your trigger, why not try one or two of the following time-wasters on for size? What are you waiting for? Time's a-wastin!

20 Online Time Wasters

  • If you like movies, iTunes Movie Trailers is for you!
  • Tastefully Offensive delivers a daily roundup of hilarious videos, photos and more.
  • Funny or Die - Speaking of laughs...
  • Check out The Smoking Gun for all kinds of info including mugshots, documents and wacky news.
  • News junkie? Check out The Onion for the latest scoop.
  • Cracked - 'Nuff said!
  • Attack of the Cute - A collection of cuteness. Ahhhhhhhh, how cute!!
  • Cute Overload - Speaking of cute!
  • Dog lovers' will love Sanger! Watch as a pretty pooch licks your screen all day long!
  • Watch Kevin Bacon recreate his famous Footloose moves 30 years later (check out the video at the top of this article and see for yourself!)
  • If you are lookin' for a laugh, check out Funny Typos.
  • Acrobots isn't really a game but it sure is addictive.
  • Talk about a classic - Space Invaders is a real winner!
  • Bubble Wrap - Just in case you don't have any handy, check out this Bubble Wrap online game.
  • Try DeepLeap, the "fast-paced, time-wasting word game."
  • Fair warning - this online game, Filler, is addictive!
  • If you love those refrigerator magnets, check out this fun time waster!
  • Falling Sand is the perfect time-wasting game.
  • You don't need to wear ugly shoes to play this game of online bowling.
  • Crank up the sound and play one of these online versions of the super popular Guitar Hero games, Guitar Master or Guitar Maniac.
  • Fair warning - Magic Pen appears much easier than it is!

Just remember - the school principal, boss, kids or spouse may not be too impressed, but hey, tomorrow is another day, right?

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