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International fashion & style; Bouillabaisse d'haute couture .. fall 2014/5

do not substitute..  Bouillabaisse D'Haute Couture fall 2014/5..Viktor & Rolfe..
do not substitute.. Bouillabaisse D'Haute Couture fall 2014/5..Viktor & Rolfe..
y Vlamos

No matter the season, no matter the city, no matter worth mentioning or not, there are always designers who consistently show and are never recognized. Yes, some are, well… one might say less worthy of any recognition and then there are those who are just as valid and worthy as the marquee names we grow so weary of seeing and reading about in their fawningly paid for reviews. When using the phrase "paid for" … it is in advertising dollars! Or being favorably looked upon by the Tsarine of fashion!

Rad Hourani
y Vlamos

Many, if not all of the so called “unmentionables” are not backed by mega corporations and may not have A list celebrity clients but they show every season without fail and fill the season with diversity that it so sorely lacks. So today, this reviewer won’t ignore them and will try to at least give a few words as tribute to their efforts. If you are thinking this will be a form of pity, think not!! This is just throwing some light on who is out there and who may be in the white hot spotlight sometime soon.

In my mind these are all designers who make huge efforts to be noticed and taken note of so allow me to NOTICE! Some of the names you will recognize and some will require a little homework but if you know me, you know that as a proponent of fashion education, researching and learning is on the menu.

So here are the “ingredients” to my bouillabaisse:

Franck Sorbier- a long standing designer of the Haute Couture who was once compared to Hubert de Givenchy... my my how times have changed!

Ralph & Russo- the British invasion of the haute couture and ones to keep your eyes on

Alexis Mabille- talents misdirected... What happened to beautiful clothes?

Vionnet-Goga is gaga to think this flies!

Yulia Yanina- Time to leave mother Russia

Viktor& Rolfe-save the political statements for your treatise... red carpet?? Get it??

On Aura Tout-there is something lurking the and needs to be watched!

Rami Al Ali- loves the fronds the mindset... love the workmanship and details... watch him!!

Georges Hobeika-clothes for the ladies and now even the little girls... not everyone wants only 20 something’s!

Julien Fournié- he gives you from the simplest to the most elaborate.. it is a touch of theater int eh world of haute couture, but it's all glamour

Rad Hourani-all tied up in day wear and on the heavy side...lots of Japanese influence but very modern

Julien Fournier-walk on the wild side of Haute Couture.. high drama from the simple to the extreme

Stephane Rollande-sometimes the art of fashion can be overwhelming

Eymeric François-when you find a designer who states his influences are Galanos, Mackie and YSL .. you know you will see the theatrical side to haute couture

So start searching and identifying … let’s hear if you have any designers that I have left out so I can get to them next time around … BIENTOT to all

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