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International fashion & style; 4 years and 999 articles later

the writer
the writer

Today marks my fourth anniversary with the Examiner and it also marks my 999th article for the site. Remarkable opportunities have arisen and even more amazing has been the chance to cross paths with some of the greats who inhabit the world of fashion and design.

Here is but a sampling of those who have become subjects, friends and supporters of mine over the course of these 4 years and they should be acknowledged for their efforts….

today .. I wish to thank so many people who allowed me to enter their lives in one way or another and who supported me in the like with their grace and generosity... today marks my 4th Year with The Examiner and it would have never been possible without all of you .. I never tag anyone but you all need to be recognized and thanked.. in no particular order.. Steven Oo Andrew Joseph Susan S Rolfe Giuseppe Longo Collier Young Thompson Franck Ford Marpessa Hennink Mark Powell Rodrigo Alcazar Sam Jones Harry King Carol Brodie Philip Treacy Alexis Mabille Andrea Gutierrez LA Jan Petter Myhre John Lyle George Zaharoff Marc-Antoine Coulon Lloyd Klein Mary Jo Pane Pete Hathaway Philipp Plein Sandy Linter Diane Pernet Cameron Silver Mao Padilha Roger Padilha Tony Spinelli Norman Ambrose Alexandre Vauthier Francis Rick Gillette Alistair Blair Verdura Stewart Shining Julie Lerner Macklowe Leonardo Floresvillar Marc-Antoine Barrois John Eason Marco Santaniello Cynthia Wolff Gabriel Everett James Andrew Robert Couturier Alex Vinash Federico Piaggi Hoyt Richards China Machado Olaf Hajek Richard Haines David Wills Ward Kelvin Mark Belford Loyd Ford Victor-Raul Garcia Kevin Guyer Tim Otte Jaff Noël Seijas Riccardo Giò Alex Hitz Dragan Mrdja Leon Klaassen Bos Sandro Gonnella Michael Cinco Doug Meyer Alexis Zambrano Yotam Solomon Wendy Brandes Rodrigo Otazu Jean-Michel Cazabat Jeffrey Banks Sabato Russo Marcus Teo David Shults Ralph Rucci Christian Lacroix Mahyar M Kalantari Ann Caruso Bill Curry Alvin Valley Giambattista Valli Eric Gartner Douglas Hannant Dean Harris Barry Kieselstein-Cord Judith Dan Madison Samantha Perez Kerry MacBride Michelle Boor Vito Emanuele Rod Keenan SAMY D. Bonnie Strauss Jon Van Gilder Marty Staff Matthew Sporzynski Michael Kors Montgomery Kimsioux
.. I am sure I missed so many more than a few SO FORGIVE ME but MANY MANY THANKS !!!