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International Evenings of Dance Highlight Vail International Dance Festival

In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
Performed by Sofiane Sylve and Simon Ball
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated Performed by Sofiane Sylve and Simon Ball
Vail International Dance Festival - Erin Baiano

Friday and Saturday nights at Vail International Dance Festival highlight the crown jewel of the two week event – the International Evenings of Dance. A VIDF staple, both nights of the International Evenings of Dance will showcase a variety of performers and styles from around the world.

I personally remember attending the International Evenings of Dance as a young dancer at 17 years of age, and being completely enthralled with the caliber of dance I was able to witness in the Rocky Mountains.

The International Evenings of dance bring out the best of the festival, because the energy is high, the crowds are varied, and the repertoire is always fantastic.

Here is just a sampling of the artists slated to perform this year:

Clifton Brown, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Herman Cornejo, American Ballet Theatre, Corella Ballet Castille y Leon, Espana
Joaquin DeLuz, New York City Ballet
Robert Fairchild, New York City Ballet
Hilary Guswiler, Royal Danish Ballet
Natalia Hills and Gabriel Missé, Buenos Aires
Carla Körbes, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Misa Kuranaga, Boston Ballet
Sarah Lamb, The Royal Ballet
Alban Lendorf, Royal Danish Ballet
Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet
Jamar Roberts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Matthew Rushing, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Sokvannara Sar
Daniil Simkin, American Ballet Theatre
Eric Underwood, The Royal Ballet
Wendy Whelan, New York City Ballet

Last year featured an incredible variety; from capoeira, Balanchine classics, the always powerful (and modern) ballet In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, Ashton's very classical ballet La Slyphide, tango, modern dance, and athletic Alvin Ailey powerhouse pieces, to name a few.

Attendance at both nights will not be repetitive; although encore performances of audience favorites from Evening I are always a welcome addition. VIDF Artistic Director Damien Woetzel adds spice to the smorgasbord of dance by featuring some festival favorites (such as New York City Ballet principal Wendy Whalen) as well as rookies to the Vilar Center Stage.

Nowhere else on earth does such a phenomenal group of dancers gather under one roof in such a stunning setting. Without a bad seat in the house, the Vilar Center in Vail, Colorado, offers $17 lawn seats or $70/$90 reserved seating. Performances both Friday and Saturday start at 7:30 pm – be sure to bring warm layers or a blanket as the venue is outdoors and the majority of the show takes place after sunset.

Tickets may be purchased online, or by calling 888.920.ARTS (2787).


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