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International Designer Sacha Lakic speaks at Art Institute of Atlanta – Decatur

On June 5, 2014, the Art Institute of Atlanta – Decatur, welcomed international interior decorating sensation Sacha Lakic to their photo studio to present Sacha Laki Design, Roche Bobois and conduct a Q & A session with attendees.

International Interior Designer makes stop in Atlanta Georgia
International Interior Designer makes stop in Atlanta Georgia
the MyMeApparel enterprise
International Interior Designer makes stop in Atlanta Georgia
MyMeApparel/Sacha Lakic/YouTube/Marzabproductions

Sacha Lakic, age 50, is the founder of Sacha Lakic Designs, which provides state of the art furnishings to its international clients, which consist mainly of wholesale-to-retail dealers.

The event was well attended with interior design students, fashion design students, textile teachers and community representatives from the fashion and entertainment industry.

Amongst the materials presented, was a stand-out slide show presentation piece of consisting of a bumble bee yellow bubble sofa. The piece was accented beautifully with a span of matching yellow “bubbles” that referenced a ball’s journey bouncing across the room.

“BUBBLE, an entirely handmade sofa covered in a bespoke fabric extendable in two directions, in order to provide for the well-rounded shapes and an extreme comfort. This unique fabric is made in black jersey onto which a soft touch honeycomb wool is applied.”

~Sacha Lakic Designs.

Lakic expressed that his method of design begins with an idea, with the first focus of sketching a design being focused on its proportions, followed, secondarily, by color schemes and fabric textures. He explained that the entire production process takes approximately one and a half years, from sketch to the store.

According to Lakic, he has a team of five that work on the designs but he still creates designs as well - finding himself completing stacks of designs while his mind wanders on to other things. He previously designed motorcycles for Yamaha, in Japan. He also regularly takes on clients for conceptual designs for their products. He expressed that his primary goals, when working with clients are to be able to explain a design, that is balanced for the clients needs, that is both reasonably priced and efficient.

Sacha Lakic is currently a member of Roche Bobois. Roche Bobois is a global furnishings provider that offers a monsoon of creative, colorful, and unique pieces to compliment any setting.

A very thick 200+ page Roche Bobois Paris catalogue was presented to each attendee. The quality of the catalogue and the photography there within was fit for a coffee table book. The works of not only, Sacha Lakic Design but also, leading creators Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni Home, Sonia Rykiel Maison and more.

Sacha Lakic is currently in Atlanta, Georgia to help launch the Roche Bobois Spring/Summer 2014 Collections. You, too, can experience the abundance of creative masterpieces by visiting the MA Designer Talks: Panel Discussion at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC), on June 6, 2014, from 7:00p.m.-8:00p.m.

To learn more about Sacha Lakic, Sacha Lakic Design, Roche Bobois, and upcoming events, please visit the official Sacha Lakic website.

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