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International Coaching Federation identifies benefit of coaching programs

Coaching is a proven factor for improving employee retention, productivity and quality. Companies are seeing great results from coaching programs enacted across specific levels of management or across the employee base as a whole. According to a survey by the International Coaching Federation, effective coaching programs consistently deliver these results:

Coaching produces consistently effective results.
Coaching produces consistently effective results.
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  • Return on investment (86%)
  • Increased self-confidence (80%)
  • Better workplace relationships (73%)
  • Improved communication skills (72%)
  • Improved work performance (70%)

Of companies surveyed, 99% said they were somewhat or very satisfied with the coaching experience and 96% said they would repeat the process.

Coaching programs can be mentor/protégé based or some other form of peer to peer coaching. Some companies find it valuable to hire professional coaches. Regardless of the approach there are two keys to having successful results.

They are (click on the bullets to read more):

  1. Identifying the specific areas for improvement.
  2. Recognizing people cannot be changed.

There is little doubt coaching programs are successful – if they are properly set up.

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