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International adoption pros and cons


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There's a lot to consider when a family makes the decision to adopt, like what agency to use, how to pay for it, as well as if domestic adoption or an international program is the better fit. Today, we discuss some of the pros and cons of an international adoption.

Pros of international adoption

1.) Time frames for placement are usually pretty accurate. Unlike domestic adoptions where the wait time can be very short or very long depending on a birth mother, international adoption wait times are more predictable.

2.) Depending on the international program, in some cases families can select age, gender and race of the child.

3.) Families who are seeking a closed adoption may lean toward international adoption because contact with the natural parents after placement is rare. (However, contact is possible if desired in some rare cases)

4.) The cost of international adoption is somewhat predictable because of the set fees put in place by agencies and the governments involved.

Cons of international adoption

1.) Despite the demand for newborns in the United States, older children and those with special needs are the most readily available and offer the shortest wait times for placement.

2.) Travel is often required, and some programs require several trips for weeks at a time.

3.) International programs can be shut down without notice despite families that may be waiting for placement.

4.) Little, if any medical information on the child is available.

5.) Because of travel requirements and international fees, international adoption can be very expensive.

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