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Intermixing the cardio with strength training to boost the metabolism

Cardio mixed with circuit strength training.
Cardio mixed with circuit strength training.

The beautiful thing about exercise prescription is how diverse it can be and how creative one can be with their work outs. If you are struggling to get into a new aspect of fitness to help reach your health and fitness goals, you should try combining or intermixing cardio or aerobic training with strength training. Both components of aerobic or cardiovascular health and strength training are highly important, and for most people taking on a piece of cardiovascular equipment for a duration of time during the exercise session is one thing as well as taking on a number of weight training exercises.

However, this can become quite boring, and one that is into to working out on a regular basis can intermix it with starting out with a cardio exercise such as walking or running on treadmill as well as a cross trainer or stationery bike. The other side to this is to pick certain strength training exercises that can focus on certain muscle groups per day or even full-body circuit mode.

The whole idea of intermixing programming is working on cardiovascular fitness for a short time and then moving on to a strength training routine which is light to moderate in weight that results in 8-12 repetitions for failure of the muscles being worked. The individual that decides to go with this type of programming needs to set up their routine from day to day. They can simply set up one to two cardio pieces of equipment that they work on for anywhere from 3-5 minutes at a time but immediately go to a series of strength training exercises that consist of large muscle groups (chest, shoulders, back and legs) and smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps and core). The best thing is that you can intermix it and create many different routines with using cardiovascular equipment for a short period of time and utilizing strength training and going back to that same form of cardio or a different one and changing up your strength routine for the next round.

The great thing about this is how creative one can be with their exercise programming and still follow the proper protocol of how to properly exercise and adhere to their exercise program. This will ensure that they will not get bored and start to rise to the next level of their health and fitness level.