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InterMat serves up everything-you-could-want-to-know guide to Foxcatcher movie

Channing Tatum is featured on the just-released "Foxcatcher" poster
Photo courtesy of, used with permission

Even though “Foxcatcher” won’t appear in theaters for another four months, the much-anticipated film continues to make news.

This week, a new poster was unveiled, featuring one of the movie’s principal stars, Channing Tatum… and a second new one-minute trailer was posted online Tuesday. And, on Thursday, the amateur wrestling website InterMat revealed its new, everything-you-could-want-to-know guide to the movie.

The article, written by InterMat senior writer (and College Wrestling Examiner) Mark Palmer, brings readers up-to-date on “Foxcatcher”, the film about Olympic gold medal-winning wrestlers Mark Schultz (played by Channing Tatum) and older brother Dave (portrayed by Mark Ruffalo), and their involvement at the Foxcatcher Olympic wrestling training facility owned by multi-millionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell), who murdered Dave in January 1996.

Palmer shares facts garnered from writing dozens of articles about “Foxcatcher” for for more than two-and-a-half years… and combines that with his knowledge of the murder, having written a five-part series on the crime for InterMat in 2006.

Thanks to this article, you’ll know the basics, such as when the movie is opening in theaters… and its MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating. Wrestling fans will also learn which of the main stars actually wrestled back in high school… and discover which famous college and freestyle wrestlers step out onto the mat in “Foxcatcher.”

InterMat’s feature will help you more than hold your own when “Foxcatcher” is the topic of discussion at that neighborhood Fourth of July barbecue or fireworks display. You can set your fellow wrestling fanatics straight by telling them what the movie is really about (no, it’s NOT The Dave Schultz Story). You can blow away that guy who thinks he knows everything about cinema with some fun facts about “Foxcatcher” director Bennett Miller’s background. And you can even impress that girl who’s obsessed with Channing Tatum by sharing what a couple of his co-stars who know their way around a mat think of his wrestling ability.

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