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Interior decorating tips for budget challenged to achieve a beautiful abode

Whether new paint or repurposing a piece of furniture, or both, one can easily achieve a beautiful designer home on a small budget.
Whether new paint or repurposing a piece of furniture, or both, one can easily achieve a beautiful designer home on a small budget.

The economy has presented a challenge to many who have been forced to cut corners. The decor is often looked at as an extra to be first cut. No matter what anyone has or does not have they want and need a change. Everyone longs for a fresh start. There are ways to freshen up the decor while staying within a small budget.

decorating a beautiful abode with a budget
Carol Ruth Weber, SFGate

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Decorating is a welcome newness to lives that can be the catalyst many need these days to keep going.

Swap furniture and accessories from different rooms for a fresh look. An end table from the living room might look great as a night table in a bed room or guest room. Take out the chair from the family room and place it in the living room. Check out your artwork and rearrange it on the walls; create new groupings by swapping pieces around.

The easiest change you can make to the decor is with paint.

Think beyond a simple coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. Faux painting can be fun and cover flaws. Floors can be painted as well. Cabinetry, furniture, lampshades, accessories, and even fabric can be changed into a new appearance with paint.

Faux painting will add an artist's touch to the decor making it your own.

By blending colors and creating special effects one achieve a faux finish. Painting with faux finishes creates a multi-dimensional look to surfaces and will work well to camouflage uneven walls. Faux painting can be simple to do, as in sponging, or more complex, as in marbleizing. There is a faux painting technique for every level of talent.

  • Paint a ceiling to reflect the sky.
  • Instead of wall covering, paint the walls to look like linen.
  • Hide rough, worn surfaces behind artful painting techniques such as fresco, and crackle.
  • Use stencils to create a border or pattern in a complementing color or colors.
  • Paint a pattern for the appearance of decorative wallpaper.
  • Add marble tiles to a wall using paint.

Paint can be the perfect choice when needing to rip up old carpet or wood floors are worn bare.

Make the floors new with paint. Whether concrete or a wood floor, it could cost a lot less to be creative with a coat of paint or painting a pattern to decorate the floor. Just make sure that you follow the directions to achieve a one-of-a-kind designer touch to the decor.

Make old wood furniture and cabinetry brand new with a coat of paint and repurposing.

Not only will paint turn an old item into something new, repurposing will transform an unwanted piece of furnishing into new decor.

  • An old tri-mirror from a vanity will look beautiful as a headboard.
  • Dressers can be repurposed into media cabinets, bathroom vanities and kitchen islands.
  • Antique luggage racks can be used as an end table.

Look through Mom's attic and thrift shops for pieces to use. Don't be afraid to bring back a great find that someone discarded in the garbage. Anything can be reinvented for new decor with paint.

  • Sand down the old furniture pieces that you have and make sure you prepare them properly.
  • Then have fun painting in a single color or be creative with a pattern, faux or mural.
  • Use a high gloss paint for durability.

When the rooms are painted and the furniture is in place have fun accessorizing.

Paint can work to craft new extras to add to the decor.

  • Refresh an old lamp shade with paint.
  • Paint old ceramic figurines in a trendy color to add an entire new look.

Shop the outlet and home stores for bargains in the clearance sections to add some new lovely pieces to your redecorated home. Make it a fun challenge to discover the best deals on the most beautiful of finds that might be tucked away and forgotten in a stores corner. If something is a little marred, and you know that you can fix it, do not be afraid to ask for a discount.

Enjoy renewing your life with a new decor and never be afraid to dance!

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