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Interesting things about Pat Robertson: His real name, his controversial remarks

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Pat Robertson is a 83-year-old broadcaster, humanitarian, author, Christian, former Southern Baptist minister, businessman, and statesman. We know him as Pat Robertson; however, his real name is not "Pat."

His real name is Marion Gordon Robertson. He was named after his father's cousin, Marion Gordon, who had been his college roommate. So, how do you get "Pat" from Marion Gordon?

Robertson's older brother, Willis Robertson, Jr., gave him that name. When he was about six years old, Willis delighted himself in patting his little hands on his baby brother's chubby cheeks. He would say, "pat, pat, pat" over and over. Robertson's parents thought this was cute, so they made "Pat" his nickname. Robertson decided to continue using the nickname throughout his life citing that it sounded better than his real name.

Robertson named his oldest son, Gordon who goes by that name.

Interesting things you might not know about Pat Robinson:

  • Robertson was an ordained Southern Baptist minister.
  • Robertson campaigned to become the Republican's party nominee in 1988. George H.W. Bush became President of the United States that year.
  • As a result of his seeking political office, he no longer serves in an official role for any church.
  • Robertson is the founder of several major organizations and corporations as well as a university and television network, and television channel, a television program broadcast, and a flying hospital.
  • Robertson is the controversial public voice for conservative Christianity in the United States.
  • A fan of thoroughbred horse racing, Robertson paid $520,000 for a colt he named Mr. Pat that was nominated but did not run in the 2000 Kentucky Derby.
  • Robertson has on many occasions addressed controversial topics and made a number of bold statements that have attracted criticism as well as support.
  • Robertson has repeatedly called for the legalization of marijuana. He believes that the regulations should be the same as the regulations for alcohol and tobacco.
  • Several times Robertson has announced New Year predictions. He says, "I have a relatively good track record. Sometimes I miss."

See the list below of controversial remarks Pat Robertson has made on "The 700 Club."