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Interesting race in Congressional District 36 in Texas

District 36 race in Texas
District 36 race in Texas

When a sitting U.S. Congressman vacates his Congressional seat to run for U.S. Senate 12 candidates run in GOP primary to fill the seat.

District 36 in Texas covers a vast area east and north of Houston and extends all the way to the Louisiana border. Steve Stockman’s vacating his seat in District 36 has resulted in a primary frenzy to fill his seat. Running for the job are: John Amdar, Brian Babin, Doug Centilli, Jim Engstrand, Phil Fitzgerald, Pat Kasprzak, John Manlove, Chuck Meyer, Kim Morrell, Dave Norman, Robin Riley and Ben Streusand. Ron Paul’s Liberty Forum mention all 12 candidates with a brief description.

Oddly or by design there isn’t a ton of media coverage of this race outside of just a few sources. Could it be that Main Stream Media turns a blind eye to Districts in Texas that they deem they can’t turn Blue at this time?

There appears to be three candidates with an edge in terms of exposure to voters. Ben Streusand who has national exposure via his position of running the national group, Americans for Prosperity has a public forum. Then there is Brian Babin who has negative press and public record as reported in where he was fined for election improprieties related to Tom Delay as reported by and recorded by the F.E.C. (Federal Election Commission). Then there is Doug Centilli who has seen some success in exposure via alternative media such as social media and grass roots get the word out methods that seem to be where hard line conservatives still have faith in the message.

Many have discounted Main Stream Media as agenda motivated induced news or lack of. The race in District 36 in Texas like all the rest is part of the bigger picture of a liberal push to turn Texas Blue. Main Stream Media excludes GOP strong holds and promotes to no end the races they feel they can affect like the Governors race in Texas. With Texas being the pivotal State in electoral votes in Presidential Elections the fight promises to be heated.

On March 4, 2014 Texas voters will speak via their primary votes which will narrow the race with some run offs in between, to what promises to be a nasty election cycle in Texas between the Republicans and Democrats.

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