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Interesting inventions that we need now in heath

Israeli inventor, Izhar Gafni, found a way to create a bicycle made entirely from cardboard and recycled materials that not only supports nearly 500 pounds, but is water and fire resistant too.

Israel is also a world leader in restoring sight, pioneering inventions like the Bionic Contact Lens, which allows those without sight to visualize images through electrical signals sent directly to the eye, and the Orcam, a tiny wearable computer that uses audio feedback to relay visual data.

At the Solar Decathlon competition this past August, the Israeli team hosted a dinner party, movie night, and did laundry using only solar power. By the end of the competition, the house they designed produced more energy than it used. Welcome to the future.

Designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer, the ReWalk is a dream come true for paraplegics who thought they'd never walk again. Using motion sensors and an onboard computer, the ReWalk detects forward and backward tilts to move and stop the mechanical legs.

Prior to the PillCam, patients had to endure an endoscopy, which requires sedation and the insertion of a rigid tube. But now, doctors can see the images directly thanks to a tiny video camera in the form of a pill.

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