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Interesting Experience at BWW Wolfchase

The right question was asked at the right time
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I very much enjoy the bar experience, rather I am there for just a one time and leave or stay and enjoy, it's what I like and what I feel I do to keep myself happy. Now normally, you can find me at my favorite spot on certain nights every week, but I decided to try something different today for a change. Today I decided, after not going there, but twice in 5 years since returning to Memphis, is Buffalo Wild Wings at Wolfchase and I must say, it was interesting.

First and foremost, check the game schedule before walking into a place I consider to be "The" sports bar. I was not aware of the fact, and yes people hate me for the slip up, was not aware that not only was the NFL Playoffs happening today which was why I was there to begin with, but also its a Memphis Tigers game as well against Temple (Go Memphis). So to say seating was a challenge is an understatement, though don't think I hold that against BWW, its what happens when you don't show up in time to get somewhere comfortable, but luckily for me it was not an issue because I had only planned to stay for a single beverage and be on my way. Little did I know the wonderful thing I picked up on during that one drink that made me smile and say to myself, I might just have to come back.

First off, as you will see to be a on going trend with my style of commentary, I do shout outs. Shout out to Sam who took care of me while I was there. The main reason for the shout out is because her and the other servers in rotation for the games had some type of great system in place. There was no way in Hades anyone could say they couldn't get help during that busy time. I think a server passed through on rotation about every minute, minute and half. Pretty good for the section they had to cover. The main experience I want to touch on was one server that I will not name simply because I do not have their permission to (haven't spoken to) recognized a certain table that was directly behind me that at least one of the patrons seemed to be well on their way to no man's land. Rule of thumb, don't order two shots and then two shots 15 minutes later...its a dead give away that you aren't pacing. It also didn't help that the patron decided to slur out the words of their favorite fiery shot.

I have been to bars in the past where someone who is more than past their limit is served til they pass out on the bar top or table, simply to pad the check...that is just wrong and inexcusable. What this server did upon hearing the second order was simply ask in the most professional and nicest way possible if that table had hit their limit, would they be good to drive home. It was obvious that one wasn't by any means, but it seems that the other was good enough and within the next few minutes, rather it was the table's decision or the restaurant's, the tab was there within minutes. I applaud the server who did their job and didn't just want to get extra money on a higher tab. Judging by the table's reaction when they got it though, let's just hope that was 30% at least. Remember, you pay to play.

Once again, wish I could have stayed longer, but I was glad to know that if I do decide to visit BWW on Wolfchase again, I will have myself a good time, but the same people that allow me to have the good time will also make sure I am safe, I am alert, and will have no fear in asking those questions that I am OK to go. Until next time, have a drink, but do it responsibly. If you see me in your local bar, I might just buy you one if you mention the article you've read. Cheers.

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