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Interesting and Cool Portable Cell Phone Chargers

Whether you charge on-the-go, need to have a back-up, or spare, the necessity of having a portable cell phone charger has greatly increased. With people practically "living" on their cell phones, cell phone charges barely last half of the morning. I remember when my old Palm charge lasted the entire workday, and I didn't even bother to take the charger to work with me. Eventually, I had to take the charger with me, but I'm almost certain that it was after a year, or at least close to that.

Now, with my iPhone, I find myself almost charging it or checking it for a charge every chance I get. Whenever I leave the house in the morning, it is a pet peeve of mine to have a full charge of 100% or I'm not leaving yet! I carry a backup cord with me, have one at work, and recently I just purchased a car, and it was deal-breaker if I had no iPod integration in the car!

But you never know when you are going to need a charge, and you're not near an outlet. I then began to shop around for portable charging devices, especially for my children, because they have long days at school due to activities. Here are a few ones that I found:

Anker Astro Mini Compact Portable Charger, Lipstick-Sized for Smartphones. This was the first one that I found that I liked, and I purchased it from Amazon. It also charges other USB devices. It comes with a cord, but I also bought another set of cords that I keep in the handy little pouch that it comes with. I really like the size, and they come in great colors.

Iphone Kickstand Battery Case. This is a case/charger that was offered on a special on Living Social. Sounds like a good idea and at a good price. The company that sells these is called Dotzilla.

Lepow® Moonstone Series 6000mAh External Battery. Now this is a really interesting and cute little gadget; very space age looking, and also comes in several colors. A great thing about this portable charger is that it has eco-friendly packaging, and boasts better efficiency than other similar power banks. Look for the product on Amazon.

This last charger that I found made my list not only because it is also eco-friendly, but because it is solar powered! It's a little pricier than other portable chargers, but it gets my vote because of that reason. It is called the Ultralast Green® ULGSOLAR Solar Powered Charger, and I found it on Staples online. It also gets a nod because I recently got certified in Green IT, and I try to use this practices as much and as frequently as I can. If you don't use the solar feature to charge your USB device, you can opt to use 2 rechargeable AA batteries. It's the perfect charger for when you're at those outdoor activities. This one is on my "to buy list"!

Purchasing a device like one of these is some real smart tech gear to have; and as I always say, and one of my biggest rules of thumb...always have a back-up.

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