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Interesting and Cool iPhone Cases

As many articles that I have written about tech stuff, I cannot believe that I have not written one about cell phone cases! I don’t have an iPhone 5, but my phone stays in style. Between my daughter and I (she has an iPhone 5), both of us have almost as many phone cases as we have clothes…not literally, but our phones do have an impressive amount of cases.

Some of my favorites are the ones with the kickstands. I have two kinds of cases that fit this criterion: one has the stand that props your phone up vertically, and the other one provides an upright horizontal view of the phone. Both types of stands can be purchased from Amazon.

A really good choice of iPhone cases are the protective ones, and probably the best ones are the Otterbox brand. Not super stylish, but the will save you a lot of worry and wear and tear on your phones. With many color combinations to choose from, you can bet that your phone will be safe from most mishaps.

Another cool type of cell phone cases are the ones that you can get from your college alma muatter; just check your colleges website or official bookstore, and your sure to find a nice case of your choice.

One last favorite case is the Belkin Grip Candy Case. They come in different colors and have a translucent look that’s very chic and sleek. One caution, these cases are so slick that they can be a bit slippery, and could easily slide from your grip. Not exactly designed to be protective, but they would probably keep your phone safe against a drop that’s not too severe. Whatever your preference, there’s an interesting cell phone case for you out there.

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