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Interested in learning more about animal communication?

Adopting Best Friends from the Shelter is Good Karma
Adopting Best Friends from the Shelter is Good Karma
Caryn Colgan

Animal Communication Group Presentation, Practice, Play and Sharing will meet Sunday, March 6, 2011 1:00 PM in Longmont. This Meetup for Conscious Animal Connections group is led by Julie Mack, PhD, PC.

Whether you have experienced, practiced, played with or are just curious about communication with animals, all are welcome. Those with practice and/or formal training will present some optional guidelines to the group. All will be invited to share in a few informal group readings. Attendees can participate or just observe. If you'd like to hear from an animal, feel free to bring a photo of one you know well (name, date of birth, approximate age, estimated breed and gender) and we'll "randomly" select a few animals to talk with. Meeting will begin and end with socializing and networking with approximately an hour in the middle of animal communication/play.

Solar Yoga
645 Tenacity Dr
Longmont, CO 80504

Price: $5.00 per person


  • xexon 4 years ago

    It helps if you're a vegetarian.

    Animals depend on their sense of smell much more than we do. Especially in sizing someone up. If you eat meat, you smell like a predator.

    But if you're a long time vegetarian like myself, animals can tell you're non threatening. It has opened up a new world in that respect. Communication is almost eager. I often chirp at the birdies when I'm riding my bicycle. Courtesy, as I'm passing through their territory. More often than not, they'll answer.


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