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Interested in learning Data Discovery or Business Intelligence ???

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Thought I'd share this information about this BIRST webinar on data discovery and business intelligence with my audience. If you're looking to acquire some new business skills - data analysis / discovery and business intelligence are some pretty HOT and desirable skills.


BIRST is hosting a webinar on May 8th that might interest you.

About the webinar:

Date/Time: May 8th at 10am PT/1pm ET
Title: Disentangling Discovery and BI

What’s the difference between Data Discovery and Business Intelligence, and what solution is right for me? Not only is it a hot topic in the BI community, many companies and are trying to figure out which solution is right for them, and if simple data discovery solutions can meet the full breadth of their business’ analytic needs.

To get answers to these and other questions, we have invited James Haight, industry analyst at Blue Hill Research, to present his recently published research Anatomy of a Decision: BI Platforms vs. BI Tools in a webinar.

Registration URL:

Contact information about event:

Christina Silva
Birst, Inc.