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Interested in joining 3 million on social media searching clues for Flight 370?

Currently the biggest mystery of the decade and the plane’s vanishing has generated an array of explanations for its mysterious disappearance ranging from kidnapping, terrorism, to even alien abduction. For those two dozen plus countries searching for the Malaysian airliner Flight 370 are being joined by more than 3 million people searching along with the experts by using their home computers, according to PBS.

The satellite picture of possible airplane wreckage from Malaysian airliner Flight 370
photo credit - CCTV NEWS China Central Television

These volunteers are just like you and other who possibly have the ability to examine satellite images and can zero in on what could be the find of the year. These additional millions of eyes on computer screens are crucial, because there has been a serious absence of information since the airliner literally dropped out of sight two weeks ago.

This lack of any intelligence concerning the plane has had a dramatic impact upon the families of the 239 passengers on the missing plane. The majority of those on the airline were Chinese citizens, and according to the Independent, the Chinese President Xi Jinping, is insisting that, “If there’s anything down there, we will find it.”

It is imperative that the plane be found within the next 30 days or so because the batteries that power the plane’s “black box” data and voice recorder will run out of transmitting power for its electronic signal.

Even with relatively clear weather over the enormous search areas, thus far there has been no progress. There was a ray of hope when recent satellite photos showed what appears to be two large floating objects approximately 1,500 miles south-west of Perth. Yet the mystery still continues.

This is why 3 million fresh eyes scouring satellite images can only enhance the chances that the airliner, its passengers and crew will be discovered. Maybe you might be one of those fresh set of eyes that will make the discovery.

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