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Interest will wane for Huskies

After the most heart-breaking loss (12-10 to UNC at Rentschler Field) in the history of Connecticut football, the Huskies will look to rebound in a rematch of the most exciting game of 2008, when they travel to Waco, TX to take on QB Robert Griffin and the young and talented Baylor Bears.

The Huskies won a year ago in a game that saw seven lead changes, with UConn pulling out a 31-28 win at the Rent.

The match-up Saturday at Floyd Casey Stadium is a pivotal one for Connecticut as the team will either rebound or watch their season fall apart in the blink of an eye.

The twist? No one outside the 50,000 in attendance will see perhaps the biggest game of the year for the Huskies. Even better, here have been, or are the viewing options for the first 4 games of 2009, one-third of the season.

@ Ohio -


@ Baylor - NO TV/Internet


This marks game #3 and only one game has been televised for a Connecticut audience, the UNC game on ESPNU, and even then, if Connecticut viewers did not have Comcast or DirectTV, well, you know the saying.

If the UConn athletic department and AD Jeff Hathaway thinks masses of people are going to head to their computers and watch the Huskies on, then they are fools. The majority of Connecticut football fans are just casual viewers and not die hards. It is obvious when the stadium is 40% full for kickoff in the season opener against a ranked opponent. Better yet, how many are going to stop what they are doing and turn on the radio to LISTEN to the game this Saturday. What is this, the 1960s?

I understand that Baylor and the Big XII control the television rights to this game, but when no one picked it up, why can't the Big East or even local television step in? Yes, once again, it seems it is all about the money in the NCAA.

After this week, even with a win, the attendance for URI could reach record lows considering only a little over 38,000 showed up when the 19th ranked team in the nation came in. No one is going to attempt to watch that one via the internet, I can guarantee that.

Then there is a bye week before traveling to Pittsburgh for the conference opener.

That leaves three consecutive weeks of no one watching UConn football. What a great way to promote perhaps the most talented team the program has ever had.

Flipping through the channels Saturday night, I witnessed South Florida playing at Western Kentucky. If that game manages to get on television, how can two schools from the Big East and Big XII, 2 BCS conferences, not be?

It is a disgrace and a disservice to the players, head coach Randy Edsall and all those that follow this program 365 days a year.