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Intercessory prayer-what it does; how it works- pt. 1

The power of intercessory prayer
The power of intercessory prayer
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In his book Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets defines intercessory prayer as something that has already been done. We don't deliver anyone or reconcile them to God or defeat the enemy. The work is already done. It is finished. Reconciliation. Deliverance. Victory. Salvation. Intercession. Done! Wow!

And yet we must ask for the release and application of these things. Christ is the mediator between God and man- he is now functioning as our representative, guaranteeing our access to the Father and our benefits of redemption. He is our intecessor, our mediator. Jesus came and drew us a picture of God so we would know what He looks like.

Not only did He represent God to man, but he also represents man to God. this God/man was the attorney to both sides. As Sheets explains, " He is the ultimate, final, and only go-between. Christ's intecession was  a work of mediation-Jesus is inteceeding for us so we can pray. This is what is meant by 'asking in His name.' "


  • Gnosticish Hombre 5 years ago

    Intercessory Prayer seems to be "the act of praying on behalf of others" according to one site. In esoteric traditions, one should never engage in this without the permission of the subject who is being prayed for, else it be an act of black magick. There is already a problem with impreccatory prayer being used widely in political evangelicalism. An act I consider to be pure Satanism.

    The question I have regarding people's prayer habits, is what they say, and what they think. I'm their heads are full of negative imagery, then essentially they are attacking the individual. I the person comes to Jesus, because your prayer to help them killed their mother, then that is not a very nice thing to do.

  • Gnosticish Hombre 5 years ago

    Should have been "If their heads.."