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Intercessory prayer- pt 3

Prayer changes things
Prayer changes things
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Dutch Sheets witnessed still more miracles on his jaunt to Guatemala. During that same time period in 1980, he and his wife visited a hospital that housed 40 women. They were the very poor- not even partitions separated them. One woman had TB and was coughing it all over those around her. Dutch prayed for this woman.

Another woman was watching intently from the next bed. She asked if Dutch would pray for her and pulled her arms from the covers. Her two hands were curled back toward her body- frozen. they were unusable. Same way with her feet. A doctor had operated on her and inadvertantly cut a nerve in her spinal cord, putting her in this miserable condition.

Dutch prayed and asked the Lord to meet her need. Nothing noticeable happened, and he went across the room to talk to someone else.

Just then he heard her scream-"Milagro! Milagro! Milagro!"

He turned and saw the lady moving her hands wildly, opening and closing them, wiggling her finger and kicking her feet under the covers,She kept shouting "Milagro," the Spanish word for miracles. A meeting with god had taken place!