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Intercessory prayer-pt. 2

The mighty power of intercessory prayer
The mighty power of intercessory prayer
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Dutch Sheets gives an example of intercession while on a missionary trip to Guatemala in 1980. He went to visit a lady who six months earlier had fallen off a stool and broken her ankle. It was not healing well and was swollen.She was in much pain. He sensed God wanted to heal her right then and there.

Dutch told her so- started a prayer, then God interrupted him. He stopped in mid-sentence and just said, "Father."

That's all He needed! It seemed that God was so anxious to touch this precious woman that he couldn't wait any longer and the presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room. It was so strong, Dutch froze, as did the woman.Her foot began bobbing up and down, shaking uncontrollably for several minutes as she had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit- a meeting! She was healed.