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Intentions of networking

Networking is colorful?
Networking is colorful?

As discussed before, networking is the key to a better occupational life. Knowing the right people who could provide a resourceful recommendation is a fortunate happenstance. Keeping a close relationship with these people, short of sneaking in their family portraits, is important so they don’t forget all about your annoying, selfish, pain-in-the-ass self. Kissing their behind helps too, just make sure you brush your teeth after otherwise it negates the whole thing. Now, it’s also critical to understand why networking can be helpful because most people are not going to have the ability to provide you with a job as a Senator, adult film star, or even an Origami teacher. In other words, your network will most likely not be suitable for career choice that may actually be in a field you’ll enjoy. Therefore, exercising this network for another reason is probably going to be more beneficial: finding a significant other.

Most single people don’t have the winning combination of a charming personality and dashing good looks unless you are William Seamon. A lot of times a person has either one of these characteristics or some might have both, but at medium levels (sorta funny and not ugly). This is where the ever so caring and sophisticated network of people comes in. Why utilize this lifeline to help find a job where most of these people are more than capable of finding work, but desperately incapable of finding a partner. It is time to put your network to the test as they will try and find you the right partner (or at least get you out of the apartment and give you a reason to use your Stetson cologne). Your network will use their own personal databases to locate the partner that fits best, then, they will do some recon before selling them the product (you). Not surprisingly, friends have been successful in aiding those in need to find partners whether it’s from networking or from being a “wing” man/woman. So when you go to bed at night, just remember why you try so hard making friends because love is just behind one of those doors. Class dismissed.