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Integrity in leadership

Members of congress
Members of congress
Photo Courtesy of University of San Francisco

As a general rule your resident Baltimore Religion and Spiritual Examiner stays away from politcal issues. I have neither the interest nor the knowledge to do battle in the political areana. From time to time I catch a bit of The O'Reilly Factor, The Rachel Maddow Show or hear a tidbit of informative rhetoric between my Bishop, the doctor, and his son, the lawyer. I stay out of it. But in recent months with the political scene a hot topic in all venues with your Barack Bashers and Palin's Pirates (I just came up with that - right off the top of my head!) I guess I should prove that I am not completely without knowledge of current events. While I kicked around ideas in my head however I never actually came up with an angle. The reason? I just don't have enough interest. Instead I will just say a few words about leadership because really that is what public office boils down to. I don't care what your intentions are, how good of a politician you are, or how great your speech writer is - if you are not a good leader and you don't posses the attributes of a good leader don't quit your day job.

So for all you leaders or aspiring leaders remember this: Integrity is the missing ingredient in many leaders today. Nehemiah, however, taught and modeled a sacrificial lifestyle that was above reproach. Although he had a right to be pampered, he refused to place a heavy burden on the people (Nehemiah 5:15). Although others had lorded it over the people, Nehemiah devoted himself to the work on the wall (v. 16). In addition, he never demanded the fine food allotted to him as governor (v. 18). He was a man of rare integrity who led by his example.

A life of integrity demands a lifestyle of accountability that involves one’s money, priorities, and motives. God was so blessed by Job’s integrity that He described him as “the finest man in all the earth-a man of complete integrity” (Job 2:3). In the New Testament, Peter reminded the elders not to be greedy for money, but eager to serve; not to lord it over those entrusted to them, but to be examples to the flock (1 Peter 5:2-3).

Those you lead can tell if your heart is influenced by the work or the benefits of the work. If you aspire to leadership, seek integrity. God will be sure to make a place for you!

Peace and Blessings,