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Integrative Marketing Tools: The Fusion Marketing Bible by Lon Safko (Photos)

The Best-Selling Author of the Social Media Bible, Lon Safko, has figured out how to help companies and individuals be more effective in their marketing efforts without spending more money. Lon's latest book, "The Fusion Marketing Bible," was published by McGrawHill Professional available in softcover and downloadable e-book versions.

This is the newest book by Best-Selling Author of the Social Media Bible, Lon Safko
Photo by Lori Wilk

When you pick up this book, flip it over, and scan the QR code that is pictured in the slideshow above, you'll hear the voice of Lon Safko thanking you for considering this book along with about a two-minute message from the author about why you should buy it.

From the time you've interacted with this book you realize that you have up-to-the-minute tools to help you to integrate your marketing efforts. To understand what you "fuse," as the title suggests: this author guides businesses to integrate social media, digital media, and traditional media.

As a business owner you know that people buy products and services and need information it's just that the pathway to reaching the consumers has changed and the ways to communicate with them are different for even a few years ago.

Lon has the ability to take complicated models and processes understandable According to Lon, "The focus of this book is to help you develop your business marketing strategy."

Whether or not we want to learn or change, the bottom-line is if we don't, we will be left behind. Gary Witt,Ph.D., Professor of Marketing Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Owner of Marketing Psychology Group said, The old way will always be important, but the new ways are what will separate the winners from losers."

This author also predicts,"Several years from now, there will be no distinction between traditional and social media marketing, just as today you wouldn't have separate vice presidents of radio and print."

The Fusion Marketing Bible will help you to get back to basics and to get clear about what you're doing and why. It will force you to get clear about your COCA(cost of customer acquisition)The reason a company should know what it costs to get its customers is that if the company can reduce the costs of acquiring customers it can positively impact its bottom-line. Making money and reducing costs by creating more effective marketing strategies would be two more reasons to learn what's in this book.

Lon shares with readers how he hears all the time that companies believe they are being effective with social media just because they participate. Lon explains to the companies that participation on sites is what you do after you figure out what you want to accomplish and then use social media platforms as a tool to achieve your goals. The theme you will get here is "Strategy." The Fusion Marketing Bible was designed to help individuals and companies get more clear about what they are doing and to develop more effective marketing strategies to get their desired results.

You might be wondering about how to be in the know about the "new marketing ways." If you'd like to attend one of the upcoming Fusion Academy two-day classes with Lon Safko he'll be teaching them in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ; Singapore, and Dubai, UAE in May and then in Milan Italy in June 2013.

For those who would rather participate online, Lon just posted a Fusion Marketing certification course for those who want personal proficiency which will take place beginning Feb 9,2013.

If you want to connect with this author most times online, you'll find him at his specially designed SecondLife Retreat Pinaski. Second is a virtual worlds online website developed by Linden Labs and launched in 2003. It's a place with virtual worlds, Avatars, and free 3dchat. It's a site now used by many companies and individuals from around the world with content from entertainment to gaming to ecommerce.

Steve Jobs described Lon Safko as the creator of " the first computer to save a human life." Lon's previous book, "The Social Media Bible" is now in its third edition and available in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.


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