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Integrated Performance Training

There are many ways athletes train for strength, agility, and endurance. Some athletes train for events with the use of scientific methods that are modified for their particular needs. One strategy for intense athletic training is the Optimal Performance Training (OPT) model. This training model integrates flexibility, cardio training, core training, training focused on balance, power training, and resistance training.

Bodybuilding athletes performing push-ups and working out with weights.
Photo by Ruben Salgado

Although integrated performance training is designed for elite athletes, this training program is personalized; therefore, any type of athlete or individual can do this program. Integrated training can help people lose body fat, increase muscle mass, and achieve overall health and fitness goals.

An integrated workout system can be prescribed by a physician for the purpose of helping someone lose weight. Some people prefer to perform weight training on one day and cardio the next. However, some of the integrated training systems incorporate both weight-training and cardio training in one workout for maximum effect.

These integrated workouts are performed with little or no rest between them. It does matter whether cardio is done first or endurance training is done first. Researchers have found that an integrated concurrent workout session of weight training with cardio training sandwiched between exercises is more effective than traditional integrated weight training. Traditional integrated training is performed with cardio training added to the end of a weight-training program.



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