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Integrate yourself into upper management meetings

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Note: There are several ways to search for a job. This series talks about positioning yourself in your current company so you may find your next job to be a promotion with your current employer.

There is an old saying that in the business world it is not what you know it is who you know. Although we learned in elementary school there are no absolutes this saying is about as close to an absolute as you could possibly get.

If a department manager has an opening for a new employee and several existing employees in other departments want to transfer to fill it who do you think the manager is going to hire?

It will be the employee the manager already has confidence in because of personal information or the recommendations of trusted advisors.

This is not a bad practice except for those that do not know how to market their accomplishments and superior work ethics.

Make sure you attend as many meetings as possible with the decision makers having an impact on your future. While in the meetings participate in an intelligent way and be sure to follow up later on key issues. This will show your value.

Show your value to enough decision makers and they will demand you when they have an opening.

This includes excerpts from “How to build a successful career”. Copyrighted by and used with permission.


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