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Int OpEd Rev Ukraine Russia and the Western Response

Passionate defenses and denunciations of the events in Ukraine have lit up the editorial pages.

In Pravda, Xavier Lerma derides the western characterization of Russia as a disinformation war.

Several writers decried the missteps of the west in recognizing the move by Russia. In the Moscow Times, Alexander Golts notes that strict adherence to the 2011 Vienna Document would have forestalled the move.

The Kyivpost calls for an accounting for the corrupt officials of the deposed government and warns against the creation of counterproductive laws in the wake of its’ ouster.

And two views of the conflict, one very close to the ground and one very much above it. Photgrapher Maia Mikhaluk, writing from Kiev Square, writes that Ukrainians won’t be baited into fighting one another. And a unique view of the happenings is provided by an overhead drone, courtesy of CNN.

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