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Int OpEd Rev Feb 28 2014 China Blast US Rights Report France Urges Obama to Act


The On-Line version of China’s People’s Daily, blasted the US for their criticism of China’s human rights record. “The U.S. report deliberately ignored the great progress China has made in human rights. China has abandoned the reeducation through labor system, eased the one-child policy, and significantly improved the people's livelihood, especially vulnerable groups.” And, the editorial continued, America has human rights problems of its own.


Writing in France 24, Alon Ben-Meir reviews five potential scenerios the Syrian conflict could take and details the goals of the many varied participants in the war. It is a focal point in the Sunni-Shitte struggle for supremacy and he concludes, “The sooner the Obama Administration acts with the support of Western and Arab allies, the sooner this unconscionable humanitarian disaster in Syria can come to an end.”

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