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Insult to injury at PA Turnpike pile up.

The crash scene drew manyon lookers
The crash scene drew manyon lookers
Alex Lloyd Gross

Were you or someone you know caught in the massive pile up on the Pa. Turnpike today, Feb. 14 2014? Hopefully, you are okay. However it appears that a good number of folks were victims of social engineering. They thought they were helping and they did what come naturally. Unfortunately , they got taken advantage of to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of dollars by the mainstream media. Perhaps, you are a victim too.

Social engineering is the art of getting people to do something willingly, even if it is not in their best interest. Anyone that snapped a picture and put it on Twitter or other social net working site just got a royal screwing. Here is how. Some in the news industry are trolling the Twitter and Facebook feeds to see what is trending. They then lift ( i.e. steal) a picture and run it. It's no different than stealing from a store but they are stealing from their readers and viewers. You must remember, the news pays for this material and you just gave it to them for free. A television station such as Action News is in the business of selling advertising. Companies pay them millions of dollars to advertise on the television and web. Contrary to belief, they are not in the business of disseminating the news. The same goes for all television news. They are in the business of disseminating advertising in between news stories.

You just passed up hundreds of thousands of dollars. Shame on you if you sent it to them directly. They have a lame campaign to get the uneducated to willingly part with their work so they save money on staff. Spelled out for the stupid, that means every time you see it, shoot it and send it for free, you help put working news photogs out of work. "It's just a photo", is the line they want you to think, After all, you are (say) a repairman that fixes medical equipment. People that think they are "helping" are not. The news media will get along fine without your photo or video.

Very recently, a photographer just won millions of dollars when his photos were illegally used by Getty photo services. In fact, CNN just fired many of their visual staff when they found the uneducated will do it for free. Oh, they get a photo credit?? Who cares? Photo by Sam Natusung.( for example) Who is Sam? People don't give a hoot who Sam is. Sam has less than zero respect in the news industry . In fact photo editors view those that send their work in for free ( such as Sam) as suckers. They are mocked.

There is a huge difference in volunteering to help ( such as at the library,or for an animal shelter). It's quite another to help subsidize a billion dollar company with free work. Do you see the point of how you just got engineered? If you find your photos on a news station website or in a newspaper you can still get paid. If the bosses say they won't or don't want to pay, that's tough. It's now a copyright infringement claim. They will pay, they just won't be happy about it.

In fact,most of the news industry does not want you to read this article. They are counting on you to share. Sharing is great in kindergarten. Did you bring enough candy for the class to share? Do you see the key word that is used to get you engineered? The word is SHARE. You are programed ( engineered) to be pre disposed to giving this away for free because you are sharing it.

Keep in mind that when you post that photo on Facebook, under their terms of service, anyone can take it. Even if you say no. Your copyright claims does not act as a supersedes . The only exception is if it is part of a story. That means that even if you are smart enough to not send your work into the news desk, they can still get it by trolly Facebook. Especially, when your friends share the photo. Now it's out of your control.


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