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Insulating Metal Garage Doors


Garage Door

With the heat of south Texas the garage are become a very hot area. One way to help is to insulate the garage doors. It will not make the garage cool, but it will help keep some of the heat out.

Companies can be contracted to do the insulating, but if the garage door is metal it can be done quickly with three sheets of 4x8 insulating material and some insulating window film. Whether the garage doors are 16’ or 8’ the most common garage doors in this area are 4 panels hinged that roll up. There can be a panel with windows.

Garage Door panel view

When selecting the 4x8 insulating material, choose one that has foil on one side which will face the garage door. Be sure there is some give to material as it will need to be popped into the door panel.

Look at the garage door to be insulated. Note there is a lip at the top and bottom of each panel. Measure from the top to the bottom (including the lip portions) and subtract about ½”. Now measure from left to right only what is visible. Do not include the vertical lip at the right and left most edge where the rollers are.

Cut a section using a utility knife. Insert under the top lip and gently bend the insulation and put the section in the bottom. Pop it into place. Repeat for the rest of the panel sections. At the bottom there is usually a handle.  Cut this section out and insert.

Cut insulating film to size and apply to window areas.

This will not make the garage cool, but it will help keep some heat out.

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