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Instructors are there to help you make better floral designs. Be a beneficiary

Be a beneficiary of having a right of asking various questions to instructors by joining a floral design school. You can enjoy various benefits once you start taking lessons at a flower arrangement school. Instructors are there to help and support you so that you can make better designs and arrangement of floral art.

classroom floral decorations
classroom floral decorations
California Flower Art Academy
European table arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

As you know, one of the biggest advantages of taking floral design lessons is that if students make a wrong way of arranging or make any mistake in floral designing, it will be pointed out by an instructor so that such mistake should be corrected. If it is a self education or online class, it may be a little bit difficult to correct your mistake on a timely manner.

As far as you are diligent student and enthusiastic to improve your flower arranging skills, your instructors are usually happy to give you valuable advices and suggestions whereby you can make progress on your floral decorations. The harder students learn and the more serious they would like to earn better skills, the more motivated instructors feel to support students.

In order to enjoy above mentioned benefits and advantages, it is recommended to join a school that offers a small group class system. If there are too many students in a class, it is so difficult for an instructor to take care of each student. Especially in case of teaching skill oriented subject like floral designs, the less number of students, the better support they can offer.

For those who join a floral design school to learn wedding floral decorations, they should make the best use of the lesson that will offer more specific curriculum than regular and general classes. Namely instructor usually teaches floral arrangements that are specifically designed for wedding party and wedding ceremony such as bridal bouquets, flower girl basket arrangements, pomanders, head-table arrangements, arch floral designs, chair decorations, corsage and boutonniere whatsoever.

It MAY be a little bit difficult to teach these types of floral decorations UNLESS the instructor has practical experiences at actual weddings. In this sense it is ideal to take lessons done by well experienced instructors. Not only for wedding floral arrangements but also for funeral floral decorations, students MAY recognize how important it is to take lessons from the instructor who can provide directions so students can make right way of floral arrangements.

The bottom line is if you want to earn practical skills of flower arranging, it is highly recommended to take lessons from a well experienced instructor rather than depending on self-education. California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from which students can make a choice of their most favorite course depending on their purpose, budget and goal of learning floral designs. If you are looking for a floral school that offers hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions based on a small group class, why not join California Flower Art Academy that is a school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan). For more information, feel free to contact