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Institute outlines a Biblical guide to community building

with your mission in mind
with your mission in mind
MCR 2013

At a Colorado Springs coffee house this morning- community happened. It is rarely a headline news story, but perhaps it is a bigger story than the press cares to cover. Online there was dialogue between men and women, barista and teachers. This morning and standing on line between cups of Joe, Dirty Chai; Americano and espresso. In the house are teens preparing for a worship-workshop on writing songs and communicating the message, on mission and original and traditional music. The planned discussion and planning session merged multiple demographic groups and discussed Biblical guides to community building.

Musical desperation

The Desperation Band at New Life Church has teens (or young adults) who are standing in line with men and women from the Ministry-Leadership and Communications Institute who are laying down the groundwork of initiatives for seeking truth and with a combination of journalists; educators;musicians and entrepreneurs, producers; fundraisers and media professionals, the aroma of coffee roasting; the energy of ideas; and the fusion of creative, business and ministry types- the scheduled planning meeting met with the Desperation folks and the plans exploded into a cup of truth and grace with caffeine; mission and purpose. The discussion this morning focused on researching and developing digital guides of community building in four major regions every quarter beginning in July.

Front Range of Denver; Colorado Springs

Inner city ministries are the backbone to two major initiatives of the Five Points Management Group, an urban community advocate that specializes in evangelism; special needs ministry; media and culture; prayer and community building. The group manages businesses; church and ministry and communities through the ministry, leadership and communications institute and works with city; county and state agencies and government to effect rehabilitation of the physical; financial; and community surroundings and conditions as well as the spiritual side of urban renewal. Together and integrated Five Points believes will grow into revival. "We want to save marriages and restore families," says a Pastor who is part of the group and is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Denver. "If we bring correction and love to the neighborhood, and we challenge our neighbors, they become empowered and compelled to embrace change!" In Colorado Springs the mission is less urban but is based on married couples from various churches participating in the institute's studies; relationship and weekly outreach to group homes; city missions; and nursing and health care centers in our town. This week's announcement started a new idea for what the group called 'The Progressive Street Church," which is a combination of prayer walking with praise and worshiping and preaching.

Orlando, Boston and New York

This week MLC Institute will launch the test phase of the media platform, Vantage Point-New York. It will feature Daily Audio Bible, original urban praise movement sets; interviews and a counseling program called Heartline with Rita Schulte a christian counselor cased in Washington, DC. The platform is a partnership with Truli Media and is both streaming online and on demand. The goal is to get sponsors and advertisers to work with programmers and content providers to support the creative; production and distribution of great content.

Research and Development

"It is also the research and development lab for new programming that will engage readers; listeners and viewers from New York to Beverly Hills, and people from Canada to Florida, to Mexico and beyond." This is also the type of multimedia group that is integrating media channels to influence and help people be better spouses; parents and neighbors involved in their communities. "We will most likely film the progressive street church in Denver; Colorado Springs, in July. Develop new urban praise music, messages and document how different pastors impact their neighborhoods in these cities," says the curator of message, mission and art." It is worthwhile to note that in September Vantage Point will be hosting and training The Progressive Street Church in Orlando, October in Boston, and Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Your Church Coffeehouse

Mission Coffee Roasters and Cafe in Colorado Springs is the leading provider of "really good coffee with a mission" and helping churches develop a coffee ministry that encompasses fundraising; small groups; and resources for people in the community. For more information on this please e-mail or Like Mission Coffee on Facebook: for a free guide to "really good coffee with a mission" and/or follow us on Twitter:


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