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In 1 Kings 19:19 Elijah walks past Elisha and the mantle falls on Elisha. Whats interesting is that Elijah bypassed the school of prophets to seek out the next prophet, a farmer no less, no schooling, no training in the prophetic at all. Elisha instinctively follows Elijah, leaves his farm, burns the plough to follow the man.

The result is ground breaking destiny. Elisha's destiny takes off where Elijah left off. Elisha goes onto to do more miracles than Elijah ever did, and that as a result of instinctively responding to an opportunity and not intellectualizing the event.

How many times have we missed an open door as a result of over thinking the opportunity? Elisha saw the opportunity and jumped at it, right into his destiny. Was there a price? Sure, he had to give up his farm, give up his mother and father, even give up his livelihood to grab an opportunity at greatness. What would you do?

Instinct causes the fish to swim, the baby eagle to fly and it will cause you to cease the moment and fly.

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