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Installing Your Own Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installations
Solar Panel Installations
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What materials do I need to build solar panels?

  • Do It Yourself kit

It is obvious that you can save money by doing your own solar panels, but there are not many people out there with the technological knowledge and engineering knowledge to build these panels from the ground up by themselves. For those that want to install solar panels by themselves, but do not know how to gather all of the pieces required, there are fantastic Do It Yourself kits that you can purchase online that will give you all of the parts that you need to put together a great solar panel kit. These DIY kits are one of the biggest suggestions if you read preppers guide to food build your own solar panels.

  • Solar Panels

If you decide not to go with a kit that comes with everything, you will need to start with purchasing the solar panels. To do this, you will need to measure the space that you will be covering with the panels to decide how many panels you will need to purchase and what size they need to be. It is often suggested that you have someone who is experienced in this area to help you decide what parts to purchase, even if you do plan on doing the installation yourself.

  • Power Inverter and Charge controllers

The other important part to having a self installed solar panel kit is to make sure that you have the materials needed to charge and run your solar panels. You will need a power inverter and a charge controller to make sure that your solar panels are running efficiently. There are multiple types of power inverters you can get, even finding some that allow you to charge through a USB port or through a tablet. The charge controllers vary in price depending on how much amperage you will require. This will depend on the amount of solar panels you are looking to install.

Why are solar panels helpful?

  • Power grid failures

Though it has not happened much in our history, power grid failures will likely start to happen more in the future as our economy and the way we run power is slowly become out of date. When these large power grid failures go out, it can take a very long time to get power back on and running, and having solar panels will save you from being one of those people waiting without power while the government figures it out.

  • Weather outages

Weather outages are a common reason for power outages, especially in areas that commonly deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. You can still have power as long as there is enough solar energy to run your panels!

  • Better for the environment

One of the biggest draws for people is that using solar energy is simply put, better for the environment. By using other methods, we are not making use of our world's natural resources, but by using solar panels, we are getting the power we need without using any of the resources that are expendable.

For some people, they build your own solar panels can seem overwhelming. If you are one of those people, the Do It Yourself kits are perfect. For most of the kits sold online, they claim that as long as you can hammer a nail, you can install the kit. Do your research online and find a friend that can help you get started on installing your panels today!

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