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Installing a backyard fence with help

There are times when hiring a contractor will help you get through the job quick.
There are times when hiring a contractor will help you get through the job quick.
photo courtesy of Harrison Keely - sxc/harrykeely

Handy homeowners will save some money installing their own backyard fence. But the trickier steps of construction may be an intimidating challenge for some. How do you know when to call in the pros for help?

The structural stability and the overall appearance of the fence are dependent on the installation procedure. When the proper steps are not followed, the project will fall below expectations and won’t last as long as it should.

But there is a happy medium for homeowners.

Fence posts are the most important element for durability. They need to be set at the proper depth and in concrete. Posts also need to be in line and installed in the correct location (it’s not a good idea to infringe on your neighbour’s property). A professional post installation will take care of these things.

There are companies that will dig your post holes fast and correctly. They ask for you to provide certain information (such as your survey and utility locates) and will use machinery to get the required depth. It’s a fairly pain free experience for the homeowner and ensures that the holes are well prepared and in the right spot. Setting the posts is still up to you.

Other companies provide a dig and set service, which usually includes the same as above as well as installing the post in concrete and possibly cleaning up the site. The cost for this service will include the concrete and post materials, plus labour. The value is well worth it though, when you consider the quality of a professional job.

Now you can concentrate on installing the fence itself, without worrying about the posts. Homeowners will still save a lot of money on the installation costs and have a quality foundation for their fence.

Decide for yourself whether the increased cost of these post hole services (usually around $10-15 per post) is comparable to the hassle of digging the holes, mixing the concrete and setting the posts yourself. You may find that the savings aren’t worth the work.

Consider all of your options and call in the pros for help when you need it.


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