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Instagram's 'proportional goddesses'

Instagram Posts
Instagram Posts
From the Instagram Accounts of Beyonce Knowles, Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore.

In today's Internet age, maintaining a consistent image across all social media channels is one of the most important aspects of personal brand management. Getting the right proportional mix of posts, however, can be tough, especially if you're an A-List celebrity. These celebrities, however, do this with grace, especially on Instagram.

Beyonce Knowles
As an A-list celebrity, people are naturally intrigued by what Beyoncé Knowles is doing with her life, but Beyoncé knows that there is a fine line between self-promotion and bragging.

To balance the amount of individual photos (from various photo shoots, movies and other professional accomplishments and events), Beyoncé mixes in news regarding other celebrities, such as her most recent posts, congratulating Kanye and Kim and celebrating the life of Maya Angelou.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift understands that maintaining a 'small town appeal' is especially important in the country music industry. Similar to Beyoncé, Swift maintains this appeal with posts that intermix her big-time accomplishments with smaller life moments, such as selfies at sleepovers with her besties.

Drew Barrymore
As a celebrity with a 'funny girl' image, Drew Barrymore mixes posts of her goofing around with posts of cooking, family and other passions, to show that she is a funny girl that you should still take seriously.

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