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Instagram launched new time lapse app: Hyperlapse for iOS

Finally, no more telling friends what video count to fast forward to for an important or fascinating moment caught on camera, Instagram just launched the Hyperlapse app yesterday, that easily creates a time-lapse --helping to speed up those s-l-o-w moments. Even better, the app records automatically for users won’t need to worry about editing. The app resembles a white shutter button, and with one tap it starts recording, tap once more to stop, choose your desired speed -- and it’s ready to upload.

The app allows users to chose from a variety of speeds from “1x (normal spped) to 12x,” according to Imagine no more waiting through the boring, put-a-person-to-sleep footage to finally get to those nine seconds of awesomeness. The videos can be shared on Instagram or Facebook. Unfortunately, at this time the app is available to those who have iOS devices. said it’s like having a “$15,000 video setup in your hand.” No worries either about the shaky-hand-video syndrome either, because the app features a built-in stabilizer that’s constantly on when shooting video. Hopefully, no more reading comments about the shaky footage. However, folks who would like to see the video without stabilization can play back their footage in the “unstabilized” mode.

The time-lapsed recordings aren’t something new; if you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel and seen a tiny flower grow from seed to full flower in a few seconds, that is exactly how this new app will work. Alyssa Bereznak, a tech columnist, said people will need to have some patience working with this app, because “it takes a whole six minutes to record one minute of footage at the app’s highest speed.” Bereznak’s advice for new users, to make it easier to possibly ignore your phones notifications while filming to avoid the “challenge to stay still with your phone for that long.”

Wonder which new Hyperlapse app video will receive the most shares, likes, and retweets within the next couple months.

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