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Instagram Direct allows users to send photos to groups

Thursday, Instagram held a press release announcing Instagram Direct, a new service for users to send photos to certain groups or individuals; the news has created an Internet buzz. Instagram called the press release a “mystery press event” and it was held in New York City, according to Mashable.

Kevin Systrom is an Instagram cofounder and CEO and spoke at the event Thursday and he spoke about how powerful photos have become and how instantly they can be shared:

"Photos, when they are transmitted, become communication.”

Instagram Direct is available for iOS and Android and now photos can be shared with only the people you want to see them, instead of opening it to everyone. Instagram Direct users can also say which photos they’d like to make public and which ones won’t be. Many times parents don’t want to post photos of their kids for everyone to see, but maybe just grandparents and direct family.

By posting a photo on an Instagram main feed, the photo is shared with whomever they have in that group.

Instagram Direct can also send photos to people that they are not following or who are not following them. If the person chooses to accept it…they can.

See the video above that shows some new features.

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